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Pluriva HCM (Human Capital Management) is an advanced human resources software, designed for HR & Payroll departments and developed by a 100% Romanian company. With the assistance of Pluriva HCM HR software, the HR departments have the advantage of using one of the first human resources software, delivered on an online platform, that can be accessed either from the desktop or from a mobil phone or a tablet. Pluriva HCM HR software is made out of modules that can be configurated according to the clients’ requirements and needs, thus being the key solution for the specific activities of Human Resources departments.

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    Personnel Management

    The Personnel Management Module of the Pluriva HCM Human Resources application is designed for companies that aim to optimize the activity of HR departments and to reduce the daily bureaucracy.


    Payroll is an essential element of the HR department activity. Employees’ salaries, indemnities, increments and other additions are aspects that underlie all the employment contracts drawn up within HR departments.

    Performance indicators

    The ‘Performance Indicators’ Component of Pluriva HCM human resources and payroll application was developed for tracking and improving the employees’ performance.

    Compensations and benefits

    In the activity of the department it is vital to centralize all the information regarding salary entitlements and financial compensations for each employee.

    Timekeeping and access control

    ‘Access control’ module of Pluriva HCM human resources application allows the integration with the company’s physical access systems, in order to gather information.


    The ‘Skills’ module of Pluriva HCM software solution is designed to centralize the employees’ skillsets, providing an updated database of their abilities, competences and certifications.


    The ‘Assessments’ module of Pluriva HCM was designed to allow the configuration of self-evaluation programs designed for the employees or the candidates to different positions.

    Pluriva eLearning

    Pluriva HCM has an online eLearning platform, ideal for organizing various courses and in any field. The ‘Courses’ module is meant to be an online solution for designing your own trainings.

    Employee Portal

    The ‘Employee Portal’self-service module is part of the Pluriva HCM human resource application and it offers support for the employees in retrieving specific documents or information.

    Why choose Pluriva HCM?

    Cloud application

    Pluriva HCM is an online human resources software, delivered in cloud, that can be easily accessed on any computer or laptop, mobile phone or tablet. It can be used at any time, all that is required being the account, the user and the password.

    Electronic archive

    All the information and the employees’ documents are being electronically stored, in secure folders, with fast response times for requests.


    Pluriva HCM is a software developed by consultants with more than 15 years’ experience in the human resources field and theferore, all the processes from within the application are designed according to the existing legislation.

    Less bureaucracy

    Pluriva HCM also contains a self-service module that enables the reduction of the employees’ standard requests towards the HR departments. This module allows the employees to download their own personal documents or to submit their requests for leaves online.

    Automatic generation

    The certificates, additional documents, job descriptions, payrolls and many more are automatically generated, by processing the information from the application.

    Real-time information

    Pluriva HCM is an online application that keeps all the information and provides real-time access. Pluriva HCM doesn’t require time for updating the information regarding the employees and their salary entitlements.

    Customer Reviews

    The positive feedback from our clients is very important to us. Take a look below to see our clients’ opinions about Pluriva HCM solution.

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    George Rauti
    George Rauti

    HR Services and Consultancy Project Manager, City Square Center

    In our activity, Pluriva HCM is the tool through which we have managed to adapt to our client’s needs and to support its projects in a rapid and effective manner. We, the consultancy team, already consider the Pluriva HCM solution a part of our family because it has succeeded to actually replace some of our actions and to automatically and correctly carry out time and resource consuming processes.

    Camelia Mortici
    Camelia Mortici

    Managing Director, Morgan Sol

    The things that drew us to the HCM Pluriva platform are the friendly interface and the fact that it is very easy to use and to learn. All these were very important for a successful implementation and for us to be able to enjoy the application at full capacity from the beginning. Even our newest employees have managed to get acquainted with the application and to use it in their daily activity, within the first few days.

    Monica Petcu
    Monica Petcu

    Consultant HR, Morgan Sol

    Pluriva HCM helps us quickly generate all the requested documents. With the help of Pluriva HCM we can handle such a request in aproximately 70 seconds. We quickly and easily obtain all the information about the employees. The information is always up to date and can be accessed from any computer. We don’t waste time looking for employee “x” or contract “y”. All these are securely stored in Pluriva and can be easily accessed.

    Robert Chiva
    Robert Chiva

    HR Consultant, Morgan Sol

    Now it is much easier to handle busy periods. All the documents present in Pluriva HCM are very well structured, the most important information being properly highlighted. I have also seen payrolls generated by other HR applications, but those of Pluriva are among the best structured ones. Even someone without prior knowledge in the field, at a closer look, could easily understand what information is in that certain payroll.

    Roxana Radu-Arhire
    Roxana Radu-Arhire

    HR Manager, NIS Petrol

    For organizations focused on efficient tools to simplify their activity, such systems are welcome. The employees choose the desired document type, the IT system fills in the data and generates it and we just sign and stamp it – if necessary.

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    Andrei Slusarencu, HCM Division Manager recommends Pluriva because:

    Pluriva HCM application is helping companies operate with their HR documents, manage personnel flows and various situations regarding the calculation of company salaries.
    Using the software that we deployed, our clients have succeeded in optimizing all their expenses related to employees based on the generated reports and also the entire activity of the HR department.
    Our solution is suitable both for companies with few or with numerous employees. There are clients that provide outsourced HR services and thus manage dozens of companies, using our application.

    Portfolio of HCM clients

    We’re constantly improving our Pluriva applications for our clients, bringing the latest features into their company activities. Come join us!

    Implementation steps

    Find out below what are the steps for implementing the Pluriva HCM solution

    Project analysis and implementation timeplan
    Configuration and test data arrangements
    Test dataset / User training
    Data importing and deployment to production
    Go Live assistance and project closure
    Project analysis and implementation timeplan

    Project analysis and implementation timeplan:

    The first step is to analyze the client’s specifications and requirements, as well as to identify and understand them. The implementation schedule is agreed with the project managers.

    Configuration and test data arrangements

    Configuration and test data arrangements

    Together with the service provider, we import the lists and other data necessary for the testing stage in order to observe the workflow and to configure then the application. The application respects the specifications and the features requested by the client.

    Test dataset / User training

    Test dataset / User training

    Together with the customer, all requested configurations and developments are being tested. Afterwards, all users are being trained to acquire the skills needed to use and manage the application on customer premises.

    Data importing and deployment to production

    Data importing and deployment to production

    The final dataset is being imported into the newly deployed software, according to customer specifications, after which the application can be released into live production. The first day of live usage, named “Go Live” by the Pluriva consultants, is dedicated to the tracking of the whole workflow in order to validate if all is running according to customer specifications.

    Go Live assistance and project closure

    Go Live assistance and project closure

    During the first usage period, the Pluriva support team will be in permanent contact with the final users in order tu provide early live support. After there is confirmation that the application is running as requested, the full closure of the analysis requirements is being done.

    Pluriva HCM DEMO Test – 45 days free of charge

    Place your request now for the Pluriva HCM functionalities that best suit your needs!

    You are just a few steps aways from your first HR & Payroll demo account.

    You will get access to all the modules in the application and for 45 days you will be able to test a full software suite for your business. Streamline your activities with the help of the Pluriva business management application. Please find below the most important features you will enjoy during the trial period of your DEMO account:

    Modules fully covering the HR workflows

    Business Intelligence reports

    Support department at your disposal for any inquiries